Firmware upgrade operation


With GENNECT Cross V1.8.0 or later, instruments that support the firmware upgrade function can be upgraded to the latest version via Bluetooth.
Wireless Adapter Z3210 can also be upgraded to the latest version by the same operation.

1. Tap “Other” in the bottom menu.
2. Tap “Instrument Settings”.
3. Connect the measurement device you want to upgrade.

  • When upgrading is possible: After connecting the instrument, the “connection” icon will change to the “UPDATE” icon in about 5 seconds.
  • If the instrument has the latest firmware: the “Connection” icon remains unchanged.
4. Tap the “UPDATE” icon and select “Yes” in the confirmation dialog to start the upgrade.
5. If the upgrade is completed successfully, a message will be displayed.
※ Do not turn off the power of the instrument itself or close the application while upgrading.
※ The upgrade may take 5-10 minutes.

If the upgrade of the wireless adapter Z3210 fails, “Err8” will appear on the display of the instrument. Perform the operation described in the next page to re-write the firmware of the Z3210.

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