Vector Measurement

Visually check the results of the phase detector

With the vector function, the results measured by the DIGITAL PHASE DETECTOR PD3259-50 (using WIRELESS ADAPTER Z3210) can be displayed as a vector diagram for visual confirmation.

Voltage unbalance ratio and phase can also be checked

In addition to the vector diagram, the voltage unbalance ratio and phase can be checked. (These can also be checked with the general measurement and logging functions.)

The load connected to each phase of the power line may become unbalanced or unbalanced in a power supply system with a different capacity V-connection system. This can lead to uneven rotation, noise, and torque reduction in three-phase induction motors, tripping of 3E breakers, overload heating of transformers, and increased losses in capacitor-smoothing rectifiers.
A voltage unbalance ratio of approximately 3% or more is said to be highly likely to cause power quality problems.

When you want to measure the variation of the voltage unbalance ratio, you can use the logging function of GENNECT Cross to display it graphically.
The continuous operating time of the DIGITAL PHASE DETECTOR PD3259-50 is approximately 4 hours. (With LCD backlight off, wireless adapter Z3210 installed, and wireless communication in standby mode)

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Supported instruments

with WIRELESS ADAPTER Z3210 (optional) *

* Connect the WIRELESS ADAPTER Z3210 (optional) to the instrument for Bluetooth®︎ communication.